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    thePerfectTangent seeks to express the beauty of intelligent design. It is designed for men who appreciate functional details without compromising elegance. By re-envisioning classic menswear designs with subtle colors, form-centric cuts, and refined fabrics, the label offers timeless pieces to suit any lifestyle. Deeper impressions are made through the discovery of understated intricacy and quality. The label is not flamboyant, but furnishes men with aesthetic appeal and design eloquence.
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Golden Ratio Fit

Story TheGoldenRatio Fit PROBLEMS: We spent so much money on fashion that will go out of trend after a season, or we never even wear them. Statistic has shown; the average amount of expenses on unnecessary clothes is about Euro 100,000 per household. If we are talking about ECO-friendly here, this is something that we … Continue reading

thePerfectTangent Interview @ Bastards De France

A Very Cool Blog Straight from Paris called Bastards De France, Featuring fashion, music, art, bicycle and design had a short interview with us and our designer during RENDEZ VOUS PARIS Please take a look at the interview : http://batardsdefrance.blogspot.com/2010/06/perfect-tangent.html TO BORN : Next to a Horse Racing Course, Hong Kong, Happy Valley TO BE : Pak … Continue reading